MultiConnexions & WeChat Agency – your comprehensive guides to Chinese social media


Through our strategic and close partnership with China’s premier social and digital marketing agency, WeChat Agency, part of Chinese juggernaut Ad One, MultiConnexions can help connect your brand to Chinese and Asian consumers in Australia and Asia like never before.

Chinese social media, such as WeChat and Weibo, create a bridge of marketing, cultural relations, digital communications and social networks between Australia and China.

  • Implement social media marketing strategies to target a potential audience of 1.4 billion
  • Engage with the rapidly growing Chinese speaking diaspora in Australia of 1.4 million people
  • Ensure your strategic goals are achieved through brand exposure and expansion into the lucrative Chinese market

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a powerful all-in-one social media and messaging app that is wildly popular among Chinese – both in China and in Australia. It can do much more than Facebook!

  • Like WhatsApp – Send text and audio (hold to talk) messages
  • Like Facebook – Videos/ images/ messages published to a newsfeed
  • Like Skype – Video-calling
  • Like Google Maps – Location-based services – send your friends to a pinpoint location, save a location, track friends in real-time
  • Like PayPal – E-wallet, Payment and Financial services through the WeChat payment system
  • Like Tinder – ‘Shake’ and ‘Message in a bottle’ phone function to connect with others
  • Like Uber – ‘Didi Kuaidi’ – Taxi service in China
  • And much more! Read more

Why should my brand be on WeChat?

Australia’s Chinese audience continues to grow exponentially, presenting a strong consumer opportunity for brands looking to connect with new audiences.

Some quick facts

  • In Australia, 830,000+ people were born in a Chinese-speaking country and 870,000+ speak Cantonese or Mandarin
  • Over 1.5 million Chinese in Australia, by ancestry
  • Almost 900 million monthly active WeChat users globally – the majority of which are Chinese
  • Accounts for 30 per cent of China’s mobile app usage
  • Globally, there are 20 million+ Official WeChat Accounts and 80% of WeChat users follow Official Accounts
  • Chinese are the top WeChat users by the numbers, with 70 million users outside of China and an impressive 1.5 million users in Australia
  • Australia’s 1.5 million WeChat users are growing rapidly compared to the 15 million Facebook users in Australia and 2.8 million Twitter users in Australia
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Chinese Social Media services we offer

Reach an audience of highly social, affluent, Chinese trendsetters

  • Chinese marketing solutions
  • WeChat Official Account Setup
  • WeChat Advertising
  • Chinese e-Commerce
  • WeChat Pay
  • Chinese video creation
  • Chinese graphic design
  • Chinese social gaming platforms
  • Read more

Contact us today to begin your first steps into utilising WeChat to engage your audience and drive marketing objectives. Let MultiConnexions and WeChat Agency be your guide.