Australian businesses are looking actively to expand overseas. Some of the Asian destinations such as India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia have become strong international trade destinations. Australian businesses are increasingly tapping into the demographic advantage offered by Asian countries, especially China and India. The scalability offered by Asian destinations leads to successful international business expansion and adds to the Australian economy.

Australian companies have abundant opportunities to expand their footprints across Asia with the recent FTA’s in place with Korea, China and Japan. CECA discussions with India will further add to these opportunities.

Our Cross-Cultural programs, tailored for exporters and importers, provide practical tips on doing business with Asian countries, including India and China. We help you navigate new territories and build long-lasting partnerships as relationships are key to doing business in Asia.

We have dedicated India and China advisors who can advise Australian exporters and importers to set up as well as further expand their business in these countries.

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