The life of a Chinese Daigou


Meet Jenny

Jenny – 47 – works full time at a bank, but has been boosting that income by hitting the shops after work and on weekends. She puts in an additional 20 hours a week sourcing products like skin care, health supplements, breakfast cereals and chocolate products. Jenny knows that there is a big demand for these items in China.

She started off working as a Daigou by default, as her family in China were always requesting items to be posted back to them. They thought the quality of Australian products are better than China, and as time went on, word spread like wildfire. Her reach went beyond her immediate family and friends to a wider network in China – her WeChat followers increased by the day.

From there, business exploded to where she was earning AUD 2000 each week. Jenny posts images of products on her personal social media, WeChat, offering to purchase Australian products in-store for her clients and post them to China.

Demand for Australian products

Some of the products Chinese buyers are looking for are only available in Australia.

Some products, like baby formula and some health care products, are subject to Australia’s stringent safety regulations – making them highly appealing to Chinese consumers.

To alleviate safety concerns regarding China-made products, consumers are looking to Australian Daigou to help them find alternatives.

Trust is the key to good sales in China, and Daigous are often highly trusted. “Word of mouth plays an important part of Daigou activity,” Jenny said. As Jenny walks into a pharmacy, preparing to fill her basket with health supplements and skin care products, she will Skype with her friends, family’s friends and friends’ friends in China from her phone. She said video calls with clients are crucial when purchasing items, to prove that the products are genuine as they are from a legitimate store.

Since joining MultiConnexions as a Client Servicing Executive, I can see the huge potential of utilising the Daigou market for our clients.

Chinese consumers depend heavily on product recommendations from online reviewers. Peer reviews that they read on social media are very important when it comes to making a purchase decision.

In particular, WeChat, the most widely used chat app in the Chinese community, has opened up great opportunities for multicultural marketers. Sharing feedback and recommending products to friends has become substantially easier, due to the fact that the app allows sharing on a platform that is more private in nature between individuals and small groups. The Chinese community generally will only take the step to purchase a product after getting consent from their peers via social media and ecommerce forums. Hence, the most popular Australian exporters to China aren’t the brands – they’re the relationships and the unique marketing initiatives that Chinese enjoy.

5 Daigou Facts

1. Daigou are often entrepreneurial Chinese students living in Australia or Chinese visitors, who wish to send a number of Australian products back to China.

2. In China, the most-searched keyword on the web associated with Australia is Daigou.

3. Popular products among Daigou: Baby milk formula/powder, medications, health supplements, body lotion, face lotion, hand cream, body wash.

4. Reasons the market exists:

High quality, well known Australian brands
Fear of non-genuine Chinese products
Expensive retail price in China compared with Australia

5. It is widely acknowledged that there are between 40,000 to 60,000 Daigous in Australia advertising Australian products on WeChat, Weibo or C2C e-marketplaces in China.

Today, as a MultiConnexions team member, we help our clients to adopt the most appropriate strategy on a grass-root level to target various multicultural and diaspora audiences.

We can utilise WeChat social media platform to its fullest, increasing your brand’s exposure, in order to target buying agents and generate new business opportunities.

Whether it is setting up a client’s official WeChat account, creating unique and culturally tailored content, organising interactive competitions to increase your followers, or having our creative team to design artworks for display advertising, we know how to reach the hearts and minds of Chinese customers.

If you have a product, we have the answer.

This blog was written by Anabelle Yong, MCX’s Client Servicing Executive – a.k.a. Anabelly, the food lover.

MultiConnexions & Ad One – WeChat Agency ink strategic partnership to offer Chinese social media marketing to Australian companies

MultiConnexions and Ad One Marketing – ink strategic partnership to offer Chinese
social media marketing to Australian companies

Leading Australian multicultural marketing agency, MultiConnexions and Ad One Marketing – WeChat Agency, China’s premier social and digital marketing agency, have today announced the commencement of a strategic partnership formed with the goal of helping connect Australian companies to Chinese and Asian consumers in Australia and Asia, through Chinese social media marketing.

Under the arrangement, MultiConnexions will tap into WeChat Agency’s expertise in Chinese digital and social media – including WeChat and Weibo among other areas, creating a bridge of marketing, cultural relations, digital communications and social networks between Australia and China.

The partnership, which marks WeChat Agency’s entry into the Australian market, will see the company engage MultiConnexions’ Australian expertise and strong relationships with leading Australian businesses and further build on their global presence.

Commenting on the strategic partnership with WeChat Agency, MultiConnexions Founder and CEO, Sheba Nandkeolyar said: “MultiConnexions is excited to partner with WeChat Agency and be able to assist Australian organisations in connecting and engaging with Chinese and other Asian markets like never before by utilising Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo. Our partnership is the logical step to navigate and implement the best social media marketing strategies to a potential target audience of 1.4 billion.”

“In addition to Chinese in China, Australian companies will also be able to target the rapidly growing Chinese speaking diaspora in Australia of 1.4 million people. Indeed, a company that ignores the growing diaspora segment in the Australian market will not survive over time,” added Ms. Nandkeolyar.

Jack Leung, Business Development Director – ‎One Media Group Asia – WeChat Agency said, “WeChat Agency is proud to be further building our global networks and entering the Australian market with MultiConnexions. Our expertise in Chinese social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo will allow Australian businesses unprecedented engagement with the Chinese market. WeChat Agency has a strong record of success with blue-chip, global brands and SMEs alike, and we are looking forward to continuing to achieve strong results with Australian businesses.”

“WeChat Agency is able to customise a marketing plan for every company to ensure that their goals, brand exposure and expansion into the Chinese market are achieved,” added Mr Leung.

WeChat is a popular Chinese social media and messaging app that enables users to send text and audio messages, write short messages to their newsfeed, video-calling, location-based services and WeChat payment system. According to WeChat data, the app has reached 889 million monthly active WeChat users globally. Meeker data found that WeChat accounts for 30 per cent of China’s mobile app usage.

“The increased growth in the middle income category in the Chinese market, is resulting in increased purchases of Australian products because of perceived authenticity, high quality and its natural health benefits,” concluded Ms Nandkeolyar.

MultiConnexions is a 360 degree integrated marketing agency that specialises in diaspora marketing to multicultural audiences in Australia and New Zealand. MultiConnexions’ services include strategy, research, media planning and buying, advertising, public relations, and digital and social media.

WeChat Agency, a part of Ad One Marketing Group Asia, is a marketing agency specialising in WeChat and Weibo, the leading Chinese social media apps. WeChat provides marketing solutions in social gaming platforms, WeChat Official Account Setup, WeChat Advertising, e-Commerce, WeChat Pay as well as video and graphic design.

For more information about MultiConnexions, please visit:

For more information about Ad One Marketing – WeChat Agency, please visit:

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Four Generations in Australia – my experience as an Australian-born Chinese

Recently, I started an internship at MultiConnexions and I am learning many insights and skills in public relations and multicultural marketing. I am interested in the diverse range of nationalities and cultures, because of my own experiences with my family background and culture.

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Rich media, social media

Once upon a time (well, actually just about ten years ago), YouTube was the go-to home for rich media, and it largely consisted of video, Java, audio, and vector graphics. The phrase ‘rich media’ was not yet widely known or used, but its potential had already begun to catch the eye of marketers and advertisers.

Fast forward to today and rich media as we know it – like Pokémon – has evolved. It is travelling all over the nooks and crannies of the interwebs in a quest for bigger and better things. Like selfies, rich media has found a comfortable new home on social media and it is there that is screaming for attention to all who are willing to listen.

We are Global

What is the critical missing piece in the puzzle while doing business with India or China?

The answer is cultural understanding.

Relationships matter in building trust, and only when there is trust will Asians do business with Australians. Yet how often do we hear Australian business leaders say, “Let’s cut to the chase and get to the point.” Impatience can often blow a great business opportunity out of the window in seconds. Layers of hierarchy are a ground reality in these countries.

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Little Red Book

While the term Little Red Book in China may previously have brought Chairman Mao’s book of the same name to mind, today’s Chinese may associate it with something altogether different.

Little Red Book – the go-to online retailer for overseas luxury goods

Little Red Book – Xiao Hong Shu in Chinese – is an app that has attracted over 17 million consumers and $200 million in annual merchandise sales in just 3 years. Things don’t look to be slowing down, with the company recently having raised $120 million from major investors such as TenCent and ZhenFund.

The typical Australian’s slang

A slow grin spread across my face this afternoon when leading Australian marketing trade publication B&T’s newsletter hit my inbox, and I read the blurb attached to an article titled: Four’ N Twenty Campaigns To Save our Slang.

“Hunt is on to find top Aussie slang,” read the blurb. “We’d like to nominate ‘merci beaucoup’ and 这些馅饼是可怕的,” quipped B&T’s editor.

The French phrase ‘thank you very much’ and the Chinese phrase ‘this pie is awful’ above were obvious nods to Australia’s truly remarkable multiculturalism.