Five Tips for Engaging Multicultural Diasporas this Festive Season

Australia’s multicultural environment is no secret, and marketers cannot afford to ignore the spending power of ‘new audience’ Diasporas.

This Festive Season, connect with ‘new audience’ Diasporas and tap into their enormous marketing potential by tying in with cultural festivities.

China’s growing middle class

Do you think you’d be able to point to Fuzhou or Xiamen on a map? How about pronounce the names of these two Chinese cities?*

A recently published McKinsey report suggests it might be high time that Australian marketers learn to differentiate their Wulumuqi’s from their Ningbo’s, so to speak – or risk being looked at as a bit of an ‘shagua’** to Chinese consumers.

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Confluence Festival of India continues to amaze and inspire

Since launching in July, 2016, Confluence Festival of India, the most significant showcase of Indian art and culture ever in Australia, has drawn huge crowds and unprecedented levels of interest in the Australian community and among Indian Diaspora.

In his festival message, Mr. Navdeep Suri, the High Commissioner of India in Australia described the festival as, “Some of the finest elements from the rich tapestry of Indian culture and civilisation for our friends in Australia.”