Chinese demand, but can Australia deliver?

Chinese consumers are craving for quality overseas products, and Australian marketers would do well to tap into that craving and deliver in new and innovative ways.

Australia is widely recognised by Chinese consumers as having a clean and green environment with good quality products and brands. This favourable perception works particularly well in China, as product safety is a major concern among Chinese consumers – especially when it comes to food and personal care.

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Relationship Matters in Business

It’s not B2B, it’s P2P (People to People).

A critical piece in the missing puzzle while doing business with India or China is cultural understanding.

Relationship matters in building trust and only when there is trust will the Asians do business with Australians. Yet how often do we hear Australian business leaders say – ‘let’s cut to the chase’. Impatience can often blow a great business opportunity out of the window in seconds.

Australia’s Biggest Ever India Festival

Two Countries, Two Cultures, Seven Cities, One Festival.

Confluence Festival of India in Australia was officially launched on Tuesday 26 July, 2016 at the Maritime Museum in Sydney. The festival is the most significant showcase of Indian arts and culture ever to be staged in Australia, taking place in seven cities across the country between August and November 2016.

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