Eating our way into Easter

By Phoebe Pulido

The Easter Bunny decided to pay us a visit well in advance this year. Even before Lent, we have been savouring an array of delicacies from around the world in the office. New treats are brought in every other day, raising the innovation bar to newer and more dizzying heights and we have pounced on each opportunity with no hesitation. Birthday cakes, with two birthdays within a week, Vietnamese lollies, Hawaiian cookies (thank goodness for Diksha’s Hawaiian holiday) macadamia chocolates, and a very famous brand of `baked but not fried’ pizza biscuits all entrées to the grand finale.

Open for business

By Daniel Assaf

‘Australia – the land of opportunity’. This is how most migrants envisage their new homeland to be while making the long journey to this mysterious and faraway place. When they finally arrive; wide-eyed, anxious and fueled by a burning desire to make good on the dream of a ‘better-life’ they had longed for; they quickly get to work making it happen.

Australia’s business landscape is a colourful mosaic of cultures; 30% of small business owners are born overseas.

When you take into account the second and third generations, just over 62% of all SMEs are owned and operated by Australians that identify themselves as having non-Australian ancestry. These businesses are fuelling the domestic economy and research suggests that they have a survival rate 6.5 times higher than their mainstream counterparts.